colorful eyeshadow: it doesn’t have to be scary

colorful_eyeshadow_kenziewoods With all these “naked” and neutral palettes that are super popular it’s hard to remember that color isn’t only for your cheeks and lips. When experimenting with colorful eyeshadow you don’t need to spend a lot. Most of my favorite bright shades are from the drugstore. Wet N’ Wild make great quality shadow that has a lot of fun brights, but don’t listen to them about where to put it though… NYX is great too but they cost a bit more. Of course the higher end brands like MAC and Urban Decay make beautiful shades but I would say to see what you like before you invest. I’m going to show you four ways to wear color on your eyes without going too bold.

sumptuous_olive_eye1. Colorful Neutral- Here I used one of my favorites, MAC Sumptuous Olive (pictured above). I consider this the easiest way to start wearing color. I wear shades like khakis, bronzes, and plums as neutrals. I love wearing them all over the lid and blended  into the crease. You could also use them as a crease color with a nude shadow (your face powder works great for this) on the lid.

lavender_lid_eyeshadow_kenziewoods2. Colorful Lid- This is great look for spring and summer. Pick a color that looks like your bare lid in a black and white photo. It’s fun because it’s only noticeable when you blink! I wore a matte brown that’s a few shades darker than my skin tone (using your bronzer is perfect too) in the crease and on my lower lash line.
lavender_lid_kenziewoodsYou can see when I open my eyes it’s very subtle!

purple_eyeliner 3. Colorful Shadow as Eyeliner- Here I did a very neutral shimmery eye and then used MAC Hepcat (pictured above) as an eyeliner. This is a great way to use a super bright color because it’s half hidden behind your lashes. I tend to use purple or burgundy because it plays up my green eyes.

bright_green_lowerlash 4. Colorful Lower Lash Line- This look screams summer vacation to me. Again I started with a champagne lid and a light brown through my crease. I used white eyeliner on my lower lash line first to make the green really show up. This look works great with any color you want to try. You can start with a colorful neutral and work up to the brighter shades.bright_green_lashline_kenziewoods

With any of these looks I tend to keep the rest of my face toned down. Wearing my go-to “natural” blush and lip. Colors that don’t stand out but give life to your complexion.

If you are not sure of what shadows to start experimenting with, here’s a list of what goes with your eye color.

  • Blue Eyes– gold, bronze, copper, orange, yellow-peach
  • Green Eyes- purple, amethyst, rust, burgundy
  • Brown Eyes- green, gold, purple, smokey blues, basically any color is beautiful on you lucky ones
  • Hazel Eyes- gray, dusty pink, burgundy, deep purple, yellow-brown

Do you wear colorful eyeshadow? Let me know in the comments! And if you have any questions feel free to ask!

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