one lipstick three ways: media

media_lipstickMedia by MAC is one of those shades that looks terrifying in the tube but is actually quite versatile. I mentioned it in my Berry Lipsticks for Fall post and I wanted to show you that you don’t need to be scared of such a dramatic color. Shades like this are great because it’s like getting three for the price of one! media_stain_matte

  • For the stain look, I started by applying a moisturizing lip balm. You can do this while you are doing the rest of your face because you want it to have time to soak in. If there is any excess you’ll want to blot it a bit. Now to apply the color. Just start dabbing it lightly all over your lips and then with your finger blend it in (I think it works best this way but, you can always use a lip brush if you don’t want to get your fingers dirty). Blot with a tissue and repeat to get it to really last all day.


  • If you aren’t a fan of the matte look you can simply add a clear gloss or balm over top. Make sure you follow the steps above first, otherwise it won’t last as long.


  • Now for the brave! If you want to wear it full on, I would recommend starting with what I did for the stain. It’s best to start that way because it helps to lock in the color. Then I apply it straight from the tube and then use a lip brush to help get good edges. Now, I personally don’t like adding gloss to such a dark color because it can get really messy for me, but if that’s what you like you can go for it!

***TIP: If you are going for the bold look in such a dark color it’s best to soften your cupid’s bow (the points on your upper lip.) Mine are naturally quite pointed but as you can see I kind of flattened them to make them less noticeable. Dark shades can make your lips look smaller and stern if you have really harsh points.***

nars_mac_benefitFor the rest of the look I kept my eyes super simple but added a nice flush to my cheeks.

  1. Nars Sin– I mentioned this is my fall blush picks.
  2. MAC Phloof!– Is an ice-y pink frosted shade. I really love it in my inner corners or my brow bone.
  3. MAC Wedge– Is a neutral matte brown. It works great as a blending color through the crease or as a “no makeup” look on the lash line. I used it today by doing both!
  4. MAC Blanc Type– Is an off-white cream matte² finish. It’s super buttery and easy to work with. On my skin tone it’s a great “bare lid” color. 
  5. Benefit they’re Real! Mascara– Is a great thickening and lengthening formula. The brush has a spiky bit on the end for precision work. I’m just working through my samples but I already bought the full size.

***All of my face makeup is exactly the same as it was in my first face of the day with the addition of Stroke of Light Under Eye Brightener. Check it out if you want to see what I put under the color.***

Do you create stains out of darker lip shades? What’s your favorite way to wear a vampy lip? Let me know in the comments below!

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